A Disk Benchmarking Program


The interface consist of several panels.

Selection panel, also called Selector.
The panel to the left lets you select which disk to benchmark.

Graph panel and information panel, also called Graph and Informator.
The information panel is located below the graph.

Results panel, also called Presenter.
This panel shows maximum, minimum and mean speed. It also shows access time.

History panel, also called Historian.
This panel stores up to 10 concurrent results.
The check box selects if the current item should be hidden or shown.
An empty history item has the char "*" attached to its name.

Control panel, also called Controller
The panel to the right controls various aspects of the measurement.

Advanced control
The advanced control panel is hidden by default.

Right click on different panels gives you options to show/hide panels.
Right clicking on some panels lets you specify the panels content.


Control panel
Points - Number of test points.
Read Size - Size of each read block. Do not select a value larger than than the amount of free memory on your system.
Random - Measure the performance using a random sequence.
Show Points - Show test points in graph.
Show Line - Show line in graph.
Pre Read - Reads an extra block in advance before each test points. This option artificially improves the read rate of a mechanical hard disk.
Clear Cache - Tries to clear disk cache by reading data from areas which are not going to be tested.
Access Time - Measures access time. This option deselect itself after each run.

Advance Control panel
Iterations - Improves the result by reading multiple extra test points in sequence.
Degree - Changes the degree of the graph line.
Pre Read Size - Used if Pre Read is selected. Defines the size of each pre read block. Do not select a value larger than than the amount of free memory on your system.
Cache Size - Defines how much data is to be read if Clear cache is selected.

System specification

Linux 64 bit and runtime environment for GTKmm (deafult in Ubuntu).
Linux 32 bit and runtime environment for GTKmm (deafult in Ubuntu).
Windows 7, Vista, XP (greater than SP2?).

Version history



Windows installer
Ubuntu .deb-files
Source files

Visit the DiskGUI download page


DiskGUI with coloured graph.

DiskGUI with history feature. Version 0.41 added (colour) legends.

Sama as screenshot above, but with random read instead of linear read.
Notice the "R" in the history panel.

Maximizing linear read performance of an OCZ Vertex SSD.

All panels visible. Dummy disk selected.

1MiB dummy run.

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